Sola Gratia

Session 26

Void Cutter Down

Key Developments

1. Upon receiving the news of Lady Orleans’ crash, the Grossaileur crew immediately volunteers to go on a search & rescue mission. Seemingly grateful, Lady Abaddos offers the team the use of an atmospheric flyer and agrees to delay the auction until news of Lady Orleans is received. The team gears up and jets up to sub-orbital altitude for a speedy journey to the planet’s opposite hemisphere. Unfortunately, along the way, they see that a large tropical storm is bearing down on the region where the void cutter is presumed to have crashed. They’ll have to work fast!

2. Using the flyer’s auspex array, though, they soon locate the wreckage of the crashed void cutter lying in a shallow lagoon against a large atoll with a vast, 2 mile wide shaft tunneled straight down to unknown depths in its midst. The ruins of strange, oily black stone walls lie crumbling along the spines of many of the small land masses that make up the atoll. Odd. Signs of previous xenos occupants?




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