Sola Gratia

Session 25

Bound for the Abaddos Auction

Key Developments

1. Bound for the secret auction on , the Inegalee sets course for the Koronus Expanse but pauses for a few days at Port Wander to conduct some business. While there, the Lord-Captain acquires a fine new power sword and Chaplain-Missionaria Voclain some storm trooper carapace armour to better intimidate the flock. Meanwhile, Lord DeGrossaileur and Astropathic Choirmaster Balathazaar work with Departmento Munitorum representatives and secure a regiment’s worth of combat shotguns and power mauls for the future Grossaileur house guard.

2. The ship then returns through The Maw, bound for the Sirona system, somewhere in the coreward expanses of Winterscale’s Realm. There, the rogue trader Allandara Abaddos waits with a hoard of illicit archeotech from the mysterious planet Illisk.

3. After a number of jumps through dead systems along uncharted warp routes, the ship arrives at the small Sirona system and are immediately greeted by House Abaddos vessels and escorted planetsite to Sirona III on a Abaddos void cutter.

4. On Sirona III, they meet other rogue traders, including Aoife Armengarde, Jeremiah Blitz (who becomes good friends with Lord-Captain Grossaileur), Sarvus Trask, and Abaddos herself. Lady-Captain Orleans, however is not present.

5. After some social encounters and exploration of the small tropical island in the vast lagoon that wraps Sirona III’s equatorial region, some dramatic news is delivered: the void cutter transporting Lady Orleans has disappeared off auspex scans while entering the atmosphere. It is presumed to have crashed somewhere in the equatorial lagoon on the far side of the planet!



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