Sola Gratia

Session 24

Touring the Calixis Sector

Key Developments

1. With Lord-Captain Medard at the helm, the Inegalee conducted a wildly successful business trip through the Drusus Marches and Malfian Subsector, visiting Maccabeus Quintus, Opus Macharius, Dusk, and Fydae Minor in turn. The belly of the Inegalee is now stuffed with consecrated building supplies, heavy food production machinery, and distillation equipment and cadres of technicians, architects, craftsmen, and distillation experts swarm through the corridors of the residential decks. All this cargo and personnel are now assets of the Grossaileurs and are destined for the soon-to-be colony of Grace.

2. At the conclusion of the visit to Fydae Minor, the Inegalee returned to Port Wander, where it now waits, poised for a return journey to the Koronus Expanse and the auction.

3. While on Dusk, Balthazaar pled the case for the Obscuriate Watchers to ally with the Grossaileurs, with the goal of founding a new school for the order in the Koronus Expanse, away from the prying eyes that are everywhere in the Calixus Sector. The senior brothers and the abbot seemed well disposed to Balthazaar’s words but told him they would consider this proposition and contact him when a decision has been made.



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