Sola Gratia

Session 23

Dinner and Developments

Key Developments

1. More progress on the Colonial Endeavor! Long hours spent with mercantile house, Administratum, Ecclesiarchy, and AdMech representatives on Pt. Wander resulted in locating food producing machinery on Opus Maccarius, monastic architects on Maccabeus Quintus, distillation experts on Fydae Minor, and clerical adepts on Port Wander. So much goodness bringing you even closer to making Grace Prime a real colony!

2. Dinner with Lady-Captain Elizabeth Orleans saw you meeting Imperial Navy Commander Larius Sans, commander of Port Wander. He asked if you or Lady Orleans would be willing to help locate a naval vessel that has gone missing somewhere in the Foundling Worlds while on long patrol and said that the Navy would be grateful for any help you could offer.

3. After dinner, Lady-Captain Orleans extended an offer on behalf of a friend of hers, Lady-Captain Allandara Abaddos, recently employed by the Adeptus Mechanicus. She is auctioning off technology recovered from the mysterious planet Illisk along with star charts to its location. What’s key about this is that Illisk has been kept a secret from the rest of the Koronus Expanse by the Disciples of Thule, a faction within the AdMech. The planet is rumored to hold enormous troves of archaeotech or xenotech along with more disturbing things… Severin later revealed a bit of his own bad experiences with archaeotech that was very similar to that found on Illisk.

4. The Inegalee set course for Maccabeus Quintus, the first stop in a circuit through the Drusus Marches and the Malfian Subsector, with the goal of finalizing business deals for Grace Prime before returning to the Koronus Expanse to attend the Illisk auction.



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