The Grace System

The white-yellow sun of Grace shines dimly on two major planetary bodies. Grace Prime is the world colonized by arrogance and inhabited by madmen. The Teardrop is a gas giant guarding Grace Prime from asteroids and meteors. Also littering the system are a handful of wrecks and man-made structures lost to the warp or the Green Tide.

Planetary Bodies

The Teardrop: Orbiting in the outer reaches of the system is the Teardrop, a dark blue gas giant leaking its essence into the void, leaving a faint trail as it passes. On a clear night, the Teardrop is visible on the skies of Grace Prime, its trail leaving a distinct shape of a tear as it passes.

Grace Prime: A world of deep seas, jagged mountain ranges and cruel, unpredictable weather, Grace Prime is a planet of stark contrasts. Its beautiful mountain vistas are best viewed from behind heavy void shields, since Grace Prime’s lightning and hail storms wreak havok on unprotected travellers. The planet’s scenic valleys, a majestic sight as the early morning sun illuminates the mountaintops in golden light, are located on the world’s thin habitable zone on the planet’s equator. The mountain range reaches around the planet’s equator, surrounded by vast, stormy seas. The seas turn into polar caps in the world’s north and south poles, covered in eternal ice and snow.

Man-made Bodies

The Dagger of Fate: Lady Chorda’s void station once oversaw all traffic in the Grace system. The cargo container being sought by the explorers is reported to be located on the station. After an initial search done immediately upon first arrival in the system, it has been determined that the station is no longer in the orbit it held prior to the warp storms of three decades ago.

The Wydening Gyre: Part of lady Chorda’s supply flotilla, the Wydening Gyre was a ship transporting a valuable hydroponics deck to Grace once the first warp storms ravaged the
space around the system. The fate of the ship is unknown, though rumors on Footfall surmise that it surely must have survived the journey, owing to the reputation of the House Nostromo navigator that was piloting the ship.

The Grace System

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