Grace Prime

Colony Statistics

Type: Mining & Industry
Size: 2 (“Outpost”)
Complacency: -1
Order: -2
Productivity: -2
Piety: 1

Profit Factor: 0 (halved due to Productivity less than 0)

Representatives: None

Infrastructure Upgrades

Communications Infrastructure (+1 Productivity, +1 Order). Currently disrupted (-2 Productivity, -2 Order)

Power Network Infrastructure (+2 Productivity). Currently offline (-3 Productivity, -1 Complacency)

Support Upgrades

None currently

Colonial Endeavor: Refounding the Colony of Grace Prime

Locations on Grace Prime based on original data before arrival

Port Chorda Grossaileur: The thriving spaceport on the planet’s equator, once responsible for carrying all forms of cargo, illicit or otherwise, to and from the colony of Grace Prime. Last known to have a population of about 50,000 colonists and capable of producing the much desired “Grace Gyn” liquor.

Signal Station One: Located in the northern icecaps of Grace Prime, the signal station was last known to house the Chorda’s astropathic choir. The fate of the installation is unknown, though initial attempts to contact it astropathically revealed the frightening presence of tortured warp entities, but no astropathic minds.

The Golden Valleys: According to reports acquired from Aspyce Chorda, the valleys on Grace Prime’s equatorial mountain range housed dozens of lavish mansions inhabited by Grace’s wealthy colonists. What condition these palaces may be in after the thirty-odd years of isolation is currently unknown.

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Grace Prime

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