Cassius Modar

Navigator Primus of The Inégalée


The decades of guiding Grossaileur ships through the Warp have not been kind to Cassius, and he rarely, if ever, leaves his chambers aboard The Inégalée where he is attended by the journeyman navigators of House Modar. There, he resides in a great golden “throne” that houses the numerous life support devices necessary to keep his failing body working. He is grossly overweight and sagging, flabby skin encases his body. Most of his facial features have melted away, with his nose and mouth nothing more than wet holes in the sagging flesh of his face. He is completely hairless and his skin is pale, bluish, and the veins can clearly be seen underneath his paper-thin skin. His fingers end in hard talons and when he talks, they can clearly be heard tapping and clicking on the hard surface of his “throne”.


As the ancient navigator of The Inégalée, Cassius Modar has served the Grossaileur family for his entire life on a number of different ships. Now, as the most skilled and knowledgeable navigator remaining in the family’s employ, he has been tapped to serve as Navigator Primus for the family’s flagship.

Cassius Modar

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