Sola Gratia

Session 3

An Invitation, part 3

  • Fight with the band of mutants in the Resplendent Wanderer. Severin breaks his arm, but others are ok.
  • Balthazaar pillages a mutant’s mind and learns of a “scary” place with golden light and an imposing shadow-man
  • The explorers make it to the command section and then the bridge, where they find a twisted worship service happening there. The congregation appears to be the bridge crew, though looking quite dead. The service is being led by a man(?) in House Yeshar navigator’s robes that looks quite wrong. Strong psychic energies come from the navigator.
  • A decision is made to retreat and blow the ship apart from the safety of the Inegalee. The information in the data banks is deemed not worth the risk of tangling with the twisted navigator.
  • On the way out, the explorers locate the former captain’s quarters and pillage it as best the can, recovering data slates, books, and a portable, non-functioning cogitator. They then beat feet back the way they came.
  • Once the lighter is away, the Inegalee opens fire on the Resplendent Wanderer and pounds the hulk mercilessly. As the macrocannon broadsides are landing, a tear in the Warp draws the ghost ship back into the empyrean, perhaps forever?
  • After a few more days of impatient waiting, the Inegalee resumes its journey to Footfall and arrives after three more days in the Warp.
  • A hail arrives from Asypce Chorda’s vessel. The Grosailleur’s are expected.



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