Sola Gratia

Session 22

Further Foundations of Grace

Key Developments

1. The Inegalee went to Port Wander to continue the mission of developing the Grace Colony.

2. Vitus and Severin met with a man name Ishaak, the “right hand” of Omidaeus, the Astropath Transcendant of Port Wander. After some negotiations and an altercation between Severin’s melta pistol and Ishaak’s (now incinerated) right hand, it was agreed that an astropathic choir would be provided to the dynasty by the Astra Telepathica’s at the earliest possible date.

3. A map to the Hallstatt system was located in the forgotten trophy room aboard the Inegalee. The system lies in the region called the Cinerus Maleficum, rimward of the Somnium VII system between the two warp storms called The Cauldron and the God Emperor’s Scourge. Sahaab is confident he and Navigator Modar could chart a safe course there.

4. The cypher that Balthazaar has been working on was confirmed to be of Eldar origin. Something I didn’t mention last night: the cypher looks incredibly complex. Well beyond Severin’s ability to decipher on his own. Perhaps other options should be explored…?

5. Despite some investigations on Port Wander, no information on Inquisitor Monde or Xiphos was gained.

6. After the discovery of the trophy room and the Hallstatt star chart Lady-Captain Elizabeth Orleans, also recently arrived in Port Wander, invited you all to dinner aboard her vessel, Starweaver. She made mention that Severin in particular would be interested in the news she had.



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