Sola Gratia

Session 2

An Invitation, part 2

The Inegalee has exited the Empyrean to avoid the raging warp storms that assault The Maw, seeking shelter in the Station of Passage known as The Temple. Upon exiting the Warp and securing the ship, Balthazaar scans the cold, dead system with the ship’s powerful augur arrays and immediately detects another ship drifting in the void on the periphery of the star system. The ship registers as dead; a derelict vessel spewed forth from the Warp by the powerful storms currently raging. The databanks of the Inegalee’s main cogitator recognize the ship and label it The Resplendent Wanderer, listed as a cargo vessel lost in The Maw in 397.M41, nearly 400 years ago. Even more interesting, the ship was once registered to the DeGrosailleur family, captained by August DeGrosailleur, a distant relative of the Lord-Captain and Severin from their family’s past. Perhaps most interesting of all, the records aboard the Inegalee indicate that on its final voyage, the Resplendent Wanderer had departed the mining world of Sepherus Secundus in the Calixus Sector with 25,000 colonists aboard, stopping at Port Wander on its way through The Maw. However, the final destination of the vessel, presumed to be in the Koronus Expanse, has been redacted. Removed and purged from the data banks.

Curious to know more about the odd story of the Resplendent Wanderer, Lord-Captain Medard Grossaileur orders the Inegalee ahead full, though to be cautious, as the ship’s augur array has also picked up some transient signals near to the drifting bulk of the Resplendent Wanderer. Sure enough, as the Inegalee nears the space hulk, two lean and dangerous raiders that had been running silent power up and spring to the attack! The Inegalee immediately goes to general quarters and the crew is ordered to battle stations. A short, vicious battle erupts between the ancient but huge space galleon and the two pirate raiders, but after exchanging macro-cannon and las broadsides, one of the pirate vessels is gutted while the other escapes under full thrust.

With ‘nary a scratch upon it, the Lord-Captain discusses his next move with his bridge crew and it is decided that an away team should be assembled to board the Resplendent Wanderer and attempt to recover additional data from the ship’s main cogitator. Perhaps the information that has been strangely purged from the Inegalee’s database still exists aboard the hulk. Perhaps it will shed some light upon the strange last journey of the DeGrosailleur’s ruined ship?

Leaving the duty officer in command of the Inegalee, Balthazaar, Séverin DeGrossaileur, Vitus Voclain, “Saahab” Goyal, and Lord-Captain Medard Grossaileur board the captain’s personal Arvus Lighter and cross the void to the hulk. After finding a safe place to land on a pitted and wrecked docking bay the party disembarks and, with void suits on, makes their way into the bowels of the space hulk in search of the bridge in the heart of the vessel.

Despite being trapped in the Warp for hundreds of years, parts of the huge ship still maintain atmosphere and gravity, and before long the party is picking their way through the broken corridors and ruined avenues of the Resplendent Wanderer. After getting turned around a few times and having to backtrack through the wreckage, they near the bridge. However, just after a frightening moment where the ship seems to “bleed” back into the Warp, which almost seems to being trying to reclaim its prize, the party is ambushed by a pack of hideously deformed mutants, softly glowing with Warp-light! In a rush, the Lord-Captain is swept up and crashes through a rusted metal wall in the grip of a huge, charging mutant. Combat is joined!



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